Venus Rising WIP pieces.

Extreme close up of piece 02

Close up of rough sketch for piece 03

Been working on my Venus Rising pieces tonight so had no time to draw any dudes.  Ooopsie!  Feeling the pressure to get enough pieces done so I can pick the best ones to go in the exhibition.  Feeling rather intimidated displaying next to all these artists.  They're really good and I just want to stay on par.

There are a lot of art pages on facebook and one thing I've noticed with all of them is that they have the same style and subject matter pretty much all the time.  I have series of work (like the fishbones) but I don't necessarily stick to one subject matter or style constantly.  I wonder if this is detrimental to me as an artist.  Certainly isn't as a freelancer since I have been hired several times to copy the style of somebody else....based on the fact that I can draw differently.  That said, I do like shading in fineliner a certain way and I have a hard time with hands still.


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