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Urban Sketching: Camberwell Junction

Another sample of a free give away!

Happy Birthday to me....

A quick Sunday sketch (last Sunday)

Happy Client

Urban Sketching: Hotel Windsor

Illustration Job: E-book ( one of the pages, rough version)

Balloon design

Some pics from Urban Sketching!

Week 20: colour

Urban Sketching: Melbourne Exhibition Centre and surrounds

T-shirt design!

Peacock and the Centaur (commissioned job)

Work in progress: Peacock and the....

Culled piece from House of Birds

WIP: commission piece

Happy Mother's Day!

Urban Sketching: QPO bar,restaurant, cafe in Kew

Week 12: Numbers

Ladies with freebies!

Week 19: Fish and Quantas Blank Canvas

Week 10: Pattern

Week 09 : Tree

Urban Sketching: Pin Oak Crescent

Urban Sketching: Royal Exhibition Building and Gertrude Street

New give-away!

Week 18: Celestial Body

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