Week 12: Numbers

Hello!  Well this is my submission to a previous theme to the 52 week illustration challenge.  I only have 6 themes to backtrack now!  Not long before I've done all the previous themes I missed out on.  To clarify to readers who are not up to date, I only discovered the group when they where at week 17 already and so I've been submitting catch up posts when I could.

Hard week this week and a very busy weekend.  I have Urban Sketching, a lot of freelance and a commission piece to get through and a Eurovision Party Sunday night.  Fun! Fun! Fun!  A lot of my friends are my co-workers, so I feel very fortunate as I get to hang out and work with people I actually like.  A lot of folks don't get that in their daily working lives.  A bonus working in the creative industry I guess.

It's been a rather rough two months physically, mentally and emotionally.  2014 has not been that kind to me and I can only hope my luck will change before long.  Still, am going to do the best I can in matters that I have control of.  It's really the best option I have.  I mean, the only other option is to give up...right?  Not really my thing.

Anyhoo, must dash!  Friends coming over for dinner tonight!


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