Urban Sketching: Melbourne Exhibition Centre and surrounds

Melbourne Exhibition Centre
Apartments from across the Yarra

Hi!  My efforts for today!  It was based in the city and there really is so much to draw in the city.  Quite amazing really.  I love Melbourne for it.  I want to draw across the river again...I may do that next Saturday which should be quite fun!

I was ony my own at the start for a couple of hours, drawing the Exhibition Centre on my own.  Afterwards, when the group arrived, a few of us decided to sketch at the Boathouse Deck cafe and it had an amazing view of these modern apartments and I felt like drawing them!

Lots of work (both freelance and contract)  done this week but still a lot to do.  There's a job I have yet to start.  Oops!  I better get onto that!

Ps...I bought a new panoramic pad yesterday too...much bigger than the other one!


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