Urban Sketching: Royal Exhibition Building and Gertrude Street

Houses I was drawing that was right across the cafe I was in on Gertrude Street, Fitzroy.

Royal Exhibition Building.  Right before the rain hit.

What on earth am I looking at?

Hi!!!  Urban Sketching was on again today!  I really am enjoying it and I look forward to drawing at different locations every Saturday.  It makes me happy and I am all for doing things that make me happy (that's legal and not harmful to others).

I used Copics and Mepxy markers again today.  The thing is about colouring on location is that I have to guess which colours I will most likely need at the time.  Makes it a little difficult.  A lot of folks use watercolours but I find that a bit iffy to do on location.  Too much waiting around for things to dry. I think I need a better marker bag...or more see-through pencil cases.


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