Work in progress: Peacock and the....

Hi!  Work in progress that I started tonight for a commission piece.  Am hoping that he likes it.  He kinda gave me free reign with a few specifics.  Going well and am hoping to finish the inking tonight and start colouring.  Lots of detail in this piece.  Would be great to finish it some time tomorrow....if not tonight...but that's rather unlikely, without rushing.

I got a hefty, hefty bill from the tax man.  I may have to tighten my belt quite a bit and see if I can find more jobs.  My trainer is on vacation, so I've been spending every night this week just trying to catch up on work after I got sick last week.  Thinking of houses again too...who knows.  It's all very depressing to think about it given the market.  What could have been, what should have been...blah, blah, blah.  Must keep moving forward.  Learn from the mistakes and move forward, dwelling on the past is a useless endeavour once the lesson is learned. 

Am tired...but now...back to inking.


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