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Squishface Coaster Show: Skull coaster

Daily Sketch: Ravng Rabbid

Daily Sketch: Lucky Cat01

Daily Sketch: Fancy Bear

Daily sketch: honey

First coaster for the Squishface Coaster Show!

House sketching!

Urban Sketching: Ceres Visitor Centre

Illustration Job: (e-book, Blanca)

quick sketch at coffee shop

Cafe sketch.

Animation job: Mixed up Maths

Piece 01: Lucy Liu ..done

Urban Sketching: Government Building

Angeline Jolie: work in progress

Anniversary commissioned piece...done

WIP: Angelina Jolie

Lucy Liu for exhibition "Girls to the Front"


Some pics from the Urban Sketching in Boroondara exhibition

Pic with works

Urban Sketching: Public Inn at Castlemaine

Urban Sketching: Old Town Hall in Castlemaine

Urban Sketching:Southern Cross Station

Exhibition work in progress

Paul Frank hat

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