Animation job: Mixed up Maths

Mixed Maths

A screen shot captured from the Mixed Up Maths website.  Check out all the animations there!  I was one of the animators on this project and I was working on this on top of my full-time animation contract at Studio Moshi....for the project :The Day my Butt went Psycho." We had about a month to complete the animation on Mixed-Up Maths and it was good fun to work on.  The storyboards and design were done by Aaron Davies and the project was for Suitcase Murphy.  I was actually one of the animators on another Suitcase Murphy project which was Planet Right , done in 2010 I think.

For Mixed Up Maths, the episodes I worked on were: "World Famous Structures", "Dominator or Denominator", "Unlikely or Possible?" (most of my animation powers were used here) and "Hot or Cold? Wet or Dry?"  Please have a watch when you get the chance!


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