House sketching!

Today, I went to a friends house and there was so much to sketch!  She has a really quirky and awesome home and not to mention a great array of art supplies.  This was a stuffed ant on her table. There was cake and so much yummy food to be had and I got so many references on where to buy art stuff and new techniques and inspirations that I can't wait to try when I finally have some of that elusive free time.  Maybe I really should attempt to have a month off one of these days just to draw and experiment on my own. 

No rest for the wicked though, had to finish a commission job which I need to get a mount done this week and mailed asap with a frame, still have to do 3 more illustration for my e-book gig, finishing off at Moshi and I have another animation job that will be running on top of Moshi before it ends.  Madness.  Absolute madness.


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