Daily Sketch: Lucky Cat01

Hi!  A sketch of one of my lucky cats.  I actually have a lot of lucky cats at home.  I used to collect them quite a bit and I wouldn't mind a few more...but there's only so much lucky cats you can have. 

I like this one in particular, it was a present from my mum around 2008 or 2009.  It's made of metal and a lot heavier than it looks.  I tend to take it with me when I'm going to be at a Studio for a while.  Comforting to have with me, I guess!  It is now back with me at home and next to my computer.

This cat was at my workspace when I was at Ettamogah for almost two years, then at Squishface when I was there for over a year and at Studio Moshi, there since 2012 and ended today.  More or less.  Studio Moshi was an amazing place to work in.  It was great and I hope to go back there too.  That said, might be nice to just freelance from home and wander from studio to studio for a while!  Change can be really good for creativity but I do look forward to working with Moshi again.


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