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Manga Challenge: Grell Sutcliff from Black Butler

Venus Rising piece: Purple Fury...done

First time Urban Sketching....

Work in Progress: Purple Fury

Design Job: Lolita

Piece that has gone to a new home

House of Birds piece: Eastern Rosellas

venus Rising: piece 03...pretty much done

Work in progress piece for Venus Rising: "Tears" (work in progress title)

House of Birds piece: Chestnut Mannikins

Illustration Job: Monster Badge (done ages ago!)

Rabbit Scream

House of Birds piece: Blue Fawn

An abandoned project

Another Venus Rising piece...still untitled

House of Birds piece: Release the Rabbits

First piece for Venus Rising

work in progress: Centipede Strands

House of Birds: Crested Shrike Tits

red browed finches

Newsletter feature

Commission Job: cats

Colour Run 2014

Venus Rising Exhibition

Mimicry of the Muse

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