Commission Job: cats

Cat commission final
First draft

Hi!  I got commissioned to draw kitties.  Can't say who the client is as the recipient doesn't know about this.  Hopefully the recipient isn't following my blog or this surprise may no longer be a surprise. 

One thing I have learned over time, is that when it comes to drawings, it won't ever turn out as cool if am not "feeling it".  Of course, I know when to switch it on just to bang the job out but if the deadline isn't that fast, I find it's better to stew on the idea for a little while.  Yesterday, I was trying to force it out and do the job even though I wasn't in the mood to draw cats and it didn't come out so hot.  In fact, am not even sure what happened.  Today, however, is a different story.  I had fun drawing the kitties! Hopefully the client likes it though!


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