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Happy Easter!

Octopus Coiffeur

Illustration Friday: Swim

Heart Balloon

Monster Eye

Gecko Squirrel

Hand Lady 02: Green and orange

Hand Lady 01: tan and aqua

Chugnut 2013

Turquoise Locks

Ben Hutcho ( a sketch)

Illustration gig: Fire children badges

Lady in Yellow

small fluffy child

IF:eye glasses

Face doodle


Illustration Job: props for App 01

Illustration Job: Porcupine Wafer

Mother's Milk character designs: babies 03

Mother's Milk character design: General Smythe

Mother's Milk character design: baby design 02

Deadlift and other gym stuff

IF: Talent

Hand Studies 10 (practicing)

Guppy Death 01

Book Cover Illustration (job)

Mother's Milk Character Design: Baby test

Rough random character study

Hand Studies 09 (practicing)

Hand Studies 08 (practicing)

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