Ben Hutcho ( a sketch)

Howdy!  Well, I have been using all of my imagination and creativity powers doing illustrations for work lately, that there are some days that I just run out of creative juices.  The days those happen, and I want to draw up something for my blog, I just tend to look around me and see what is interesting to draw.  Today, I chose to draw Ben Hutcho, our fearless leader at Squishface Studios.  I also wanted to practice drawing facial hair as I've not done it before either.  I have also been practicing drawing without using a pencil and this is another one of my efforts where I have used nothing but a 0.3 fine liner and no help from Photoshop.  I find that I am less precious and faster when I draw straight with a fine liner.  Perhaps, one day, I will be more confident with my lines as well instead of being so sketchy all the time.

I had a bit of trouble drawing the beard at first, it was far too smooth but with a bit of tweaking, I think I got most of it right.  I probably needed it to be a lot messier though but hey, not bad for a first time!

a terrible pic of Ben at the studio


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