Book Cover Illustration (job)

Finished book cover illustration

Howdy, howdy!  Well, here's a book cover illustration gig I just finished today.  I had a lot of fun with this one.  I drew it up in Flash and coloured it in Photoshop and put the FX in.  The client wanted the piece to have a child-like quality to it.  He also had a very clear idea in mind as to what he wanted.  His drawn image is below:

The base idea of the book cover which the client drew and emailed to me

It was very handy having the layout he wanted in mind.  I did make a few changes though as having the name on different signs was a bit too hard to read.

Roughs are good as they eliminate some of the guesswork.  I like having roughs when backgrounds are involved especially as I am never too sure what angle the scene is in the client's mind so a rough layout is extremely helpful.


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