Guppy Death 01

So about 2 weeks ago I lost my first guppy.  He was alive and well the night before and when I woke up the next day, I found him on the carpet.  He must have jumped out during the night.  I felt pretty devastated, was really trying to keep all the fish healthy and happy.  I feed them twice a day with top of the line fish food, check the temperature regularly and ice the tank if it gets too hot, I test the water everyday, clean once a week and I always check for any abnormalities like loss in colour, if they're stressed in any way, so on and so forth.'s done now.

The corpse was taken care of for me.  I was told by another mate, who is an avid fish keeper himself, that there will be plenty of fish deaths as I go along my fish keeping hobby and that I need to take care of the remains myself next time around.

Frankly, I rather not lose any more any time soon.


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