Illustration gig: Fire children badges

Howdy all!  I may have put up a pick of a fire child or two up in this blog previously but never the finished product.  Here are some of them now!  I drew these up some time last year.  Hand drawn and inked then coloured into Photoshop and placed in the template. 

A very busy day today.  I visited the studio I will be contracted too from late April and played with Toon Boom, the program I'll be animating in.  I have used the program before and it shouldn't be very hard to pick up again at all.  Things were rapidly coming back to me as I played with the program.  It will still take a week or two till I am totally comfortable with it again though.

I remain busy with illustration work for another couple of weeks yet.  Got to tighten my belt and save up for the tax man!  I know it's months away but I would rather save up as much money as I can now rather than panic later.

Comics camp is this weekend!  Though looks like I'll be bringing my work with me....


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