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Game 31 Round 01: Tamago Nigiri Boy

Urban Sketching: Saigon (?) alley off Chapel Street Windsor

Urban Sketching: Red Lion Hotel

Urban Sketching: Tram Depot on corner Nicholson and Gertrude Street

Urban Sketching: Donut Shop

Game 30 Round 10: Goodnight Purple Rain

Game 30 Round 08: At Peace

Game 30 Round 06: Travelling at Dusk

Game 30 Round 04

Game 30 Round 02: Mysterious Bluebells

Urban Sketching: Blue Dragonfly

Product Design Study: Curly Wurly

Pet Portrait: Spence

Product Design Study: Mentos

Product Design Study: Tee Vee Snacks

Urban Sketching: Kilmore Anglican Church

Game 29 Round 09: Chill out coffee time!

Game 29 Round 07: Laser!

Game 29 Round 05: Get ready to fire...

Game 29 Round 03: Traveling the Nebula

Game 29 Round 01: Squid Robot

Game 28 Round 10

Urban Sketching Art Town: 485-499 Chapel Street South Yarra

Urban Sketching Art Town: Yellow Bird Cafe

Game 28 Round 08: When your time is's up.

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