Game 30 Round 08: At Peace

Hi!  How are things going?  It's a long weekend in Australia for Anzac day so it's chill out time (more or less) tomorrow!  We were out of the house pretty much all of yesterday and last night and didn't get back till late afternoon today.  We went to my friend, Adele, yesterday afternoon for her birthday and it was great catching up with everyone there.  We had to leave around 4 pm to go to Ballarat for Rob's cousins birthday and we stay the night there.  It was a very good evening.  Lots of chatting, drinking and fun.  Impossible to have a sleep in the next morning because of all the kids though!  Then while folks recover from lack of sleep and having a hang over, I drew the backyard.  It had a cute little cubby house there.  In another post I will talk all about it.  I have quite a number of urban sketches backlogged and ready for posting and descriptions!

I did the drawing above in Photoshop.  A very quick sketch since we were going somewhere that day I think!  Done for kookyrabbit.


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