Urban Sketching: Saigon (?) alley off Chapel Street Windsor

Hi!  I did this last week on one of my days off when I was delivering art work to an exhibition and before catching up with one of my friends.  Fun little alley to draw but I was not in the best position to do it so it's slightly rushed and I had to color at a cafe and not on the spot.  No room!

My short little holiday ended today and am back to working and animating.  I also have a few commissions I need to get through too.  Still sorting out two big jobs though...but it looks like since the timetables are now clashing that I will only be able to do one.  I just need proper confirmation.  It can get frustrating at times.  I wish jobs just lined up properly.  I tend to weigh up gigs based on who asked first, who have I worked with more and enjoy being with, payment is important but being happy is important too.  If I can juggle both, I would...though it will probably hurt me a bit.  Commercial work is very draining.


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