Urban Sketching: Donut Shop

Hi!  These drawings were actually done on April 15.  I met up with my friend Natalie for a catch up in the city and I was there rather early so while waiting for her I drew the counter.  I didn't get to finish the coloring until a few days later though as I stopped when Nat arrived.  We ordered donuts and I got myself the raspberry flavored one with the Yuzu cream.  Very nice indeed! The Donut Shop can be found on 130 Gertrude st, Melbourne, Australia 3065.

I think I've been having waaaaay too many treats lately and need to stop that...so yummy though!  I do love my desserts.

Tonight was the Art Town exhibition as well and I also went to Flemington to see my accountant.  Hard to find good accountants so I'll be sticking to mine.  I also went to the art shop, spent lots of money on new coloring materials and then went to Chapel Street and chilled out at a cafe using new materials for a Kookyrabbit post. Afterwards, I went to the exhibition, met up with Rob and some friends.  A good and fulfilling day!


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