Game 30 Round 10: Goodnight Purple Rain

Hi!  A digital piece I worked on a few days ago for Kookyrabbit.  It's a small tribute to Prince.  Not a good year for musician and actor greats it would seem.  Anyway, the fairy above was entirely done in Photoshop.

Well,  today was a bit of a chore day with me doing all the laundry, re-organizing the guest room, some home decorating with art works and getting ready for tomorrow.  Seeing the accountant, hopefully the damage isn't so bad.  Fingers crossed.  I haven't drawn anything today and am getting edgy because of it.  It almost feels weird not to draw at least one thing a day.  That said, am pleased with today's achievements and acting like an adult, doing boring chores and all ..howvever, the house is looking like a gallery and that makes me happy.Art, art, everywhere!


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