Urban Sketching Art Town: Yellow Bird Cafe

Hi!  I did some drawings today and I've decided to split it up to two posts.  Today was the start of Art Town.  A fun and artistic events that goes for 4 days (2 weekends split up) where artists are drawing all over the street and have the chance to exhibit one art piece (if they registered before the due date).  This was the first of two drawings I did today.  I was hoping to do more but it didn't work out that way.  Oh well. It's not a race.  I drew the line work on location and finished the coloring using reference photos in the afternoon. The place was getting crowded and because the loights were so dim, it was hard for me to color.

I did this in the morning over breakfast before meeting up with the other sketchers.  My pancakes and coffee got cold in the process because I kept on drawing more than I was eating, but it was still delicious.  If you're on Chapel Street, Windsor area, make sure to check out this gem!  Totally awesome joint with good food.


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