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3D Animation: Pull

3D animation: push

Fire Child

Lil Johnny, still image

Old corporate gig done aaaaaaages ago.

EXHIBITCHIN photos and stuff

The Armada...SOLD

Some food stuff for Exhibitichin

3D run cycle!!!

Another version of 3D walk cycle


Cat design done aaaaaages ago !

WIP second piece for Exhibitchin!

Christmas 2011 Concept art

FIRST 3D Walk Cycle.....

3D eraser animation

London Trash Life drawing01: Heroes

Season01 BG Design Dukes: Photoshoot

Season01 BG design Dukes of Broxstonia

Sold at the Cowwarr Art Space

3D Facial Blend Shapes

3D Fox and Ball with Legs (animation assessment)

3D walk ball cycle

more concept art for work...

Armada (WIP)

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