London Trash Life drawing01: Heroes

Howdy!  So I went to London Trash Life Drawing's first event at the Sketch N' Tulip Cafe in North Melbourne. It was a lot of fun and the theme was "Heroes".  A shame I didn't get to stay the whole night, had to go home to meet up with the family.  Anyhoo, tonight was really good ...but I am so rusty with life drawing.  Something I truly want to get back into once I have a bit more free time.

I don't like life drawing with a pencil as I get too precious and I don;t have time to be precious in 5 minutes.

Now, for all you local Melbournians, come and visit the Sketch N' Tulip for some awesome art and delicious food.  364 victoria street, north melbourne, Melbourne, Victoria is the address.  The people there are incredibly nice and I love how supportive they are of artists.  I also sold quite a few pieces there already and it's been great!  I also love their banana bread and coffees.  Mmmmm....yum!


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