FIRST 3D Walk Cycle.....

Hello, hello! first 3D walk cycle.  I think it's a bit too fast and could use more tweaking but I think it's a pretty decent effort for my first one!  I also had only a day to do this one too, so pretty pleased...given the chance I will need to go back into Maya, tweak and re-render but time is really not a luxury I have on my hands.  It will be interesting doing any 3D animation in the industry as everyone rigs differently and unlike working in Flash, I can't just go and break the model and customize the rig for myself.  Animating with the graphs is still taking quite a bit of getting used to.  Still, we've only just started character animations at school, hopefully I will have gotten the hang of it before the year is out!


  1. in the feed i read "walk cycle" and was instantly happy-screaming. this is fabulous this. loving those hip movements <3


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