Season01 BG design Dukes of Broxstonia

Hello, hello!  This is a design I made for Series01 Dukes of Broxstonia.  I am currently working on backgrounds and props for their second season.  Been pretty much doing that all day today.  However, I can't show any of those designs until it shows up on TV!  Be prepared to see more of my older designs from this series on my blog....


  1. wow. just brilliant this!. (*//*)'' you have such a keen eye for backgrounds (and TONS of other artsy-stuff ://O') - this one seems so silently lively (if this makes any sense at all!) and characteristic/distinctive without taking from the main object(character/...?/ or, in this case i would think the ice cream shop, even though that very much inviting road leads towards the city) if there was one. great work!!


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