Season01 BG Design Dukes: Photoshoot

Howdy...another Background design and re-dress of props that I did for season 01 Dukes of Broxstonia.  It was a lot of fun.  For those that don;t know, am currently drawing up assets for their second season.  I have more to do this round which is pretty awesome.  It's always good to be on a job that requires some drawing muscles.

I am booking all of my Saturday to just paint my second Exhibitchin piece.  Needs to get done!  I am hoping the whole day is enough to finish it's hoping.

Too tired now.  Need sleep...finished all of my work for tonight so that's nice!

For other news...I've been commissioned to replicate two of the steampunk fishies I've done already with slight changes.  They want it as close to the original though but I will definitely make changes.....


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