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Bye bye 2014!

Lucky cats (my sister's collection)

Face Doodle: Chery

drawing junkfood

Using the new table with a book illustration gig...

Happy Holidays 2014!

Urban Sketching: Melbourne Central Decoration

Bunny in the book

Discus Fish

Sketch of a poison dart frog

Face Doodle: Charlotte

Crow sketch

Face Doodle: Jasmine

Mixed Up Maths: still shot

Face Doodle: Rose

E-book (clementine)

E-book page (clemencia)

Interview by Jennifer Choat for the North and West Melbourne News

Squishface Coaster Show 2014

Daily Sketch: miscellaneous face

Daily Sketch: Lucky cat pair

Illustration Job: Clemencia e-book

Daily Sketch: Rubber Ducky

Daily Sketch: Mr. Jailman

Squishface Coaster Show: Crow

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