Face Doodle: Rose

A face doodle I did at breakfast before work today.  Not drawing anything just for fun or for me can get depressing after a few days.  This is actually inspired by one of my new co-workers.  I thought her hair was so cool when I first arrived and I have pretty funky hair myself.  She's really friendly, all of them are.  It's really intense on terms of work though.  It really is heads down and get the job done type of thing.  I had to get used to a few things like regular feedback when am not done with the job yet.  I am so used to fully animating stuff and doing fixes after that it has taken a few days to get used to.  All good though!  It's called adaptability and am pretty good at that...I think.

I work a lot and I work hard but I am finding this place to be very intense.  The concentration is pretty full on.  I don't listen to anything, no distractions, nothing..just focus on the work and try to remember to stretch.


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