Using the new table with a book illustration gig...

Hello, hello!  I hope everyone had a realy good Christmas this year and that you'll all have an awesome and safe New Years to come.  I had a lot of great presents this year, so far the table and the Fitbit stands out.    The one with the illustrations was actually done on my parents table which is exactly the same at the one I now have at my house, assembled by my friend Rob.  Thank goodness too since I hate furniture assembling.

This Christmas was really good.  I spent it with my family and had a lot of really good food and I slept a lot.  Feels like I spent most of the time chilling out, which isn't really my style.  Granted, though, I did finish some book illustration work on Christmas day.  Hey, illustrating does chill me out!  It was very good to relax.

For other news, also watched the last installment of the Hobbit series.  Great fun!  The next one on the movie watch list is "Birdman"!


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