Happy Birthday to me....

Birthday party drawings!

Crushed plunger

Hi!  Well, today was my birthday.  There was cake at work for me today and a few friends are coming over shortly and we'll be having desserts. 

Now, first pic was from my birthday party last Saturday and there were these chairs that were reserved for someone named "Bruce" at 9pm.  It was pretty empty at the Loop when we got there so my friends and I decided to leave Bruce a message for fun. I had a great night that night.  It was so lovely to be surrounded by friends and my sister came by too! 

Second pic...that's today!  Maybe half an hour ago.  Not happy!!!  I crushed it while I was washing.  It just broke in my hand.  I got a small cut but certainly nothing to cry about.  The coffee plunger got the worse of it.  I have don;t have a coffee plunger anymore!!!  No more coffee for me...until I get around to buying a new plunger.  Sad bunny.

Third pic....that is ONE of the jobs am freelancing on.  I have a large amount on my plate right now.  I can't complain as that's what I wished for when I didn't have so many jobs earlier this year.  Wish granted, right?  Am currently working on it now while I wait for my friends.  Tomorrow, am working on a completely different project.  I do feel like a juggler sometime.  Wish me luck, that i donlt drop anything.

This year hasn't started out that great but it certainly feels like it's getting better.  I hope this is an upward trend.


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