Squishface Coaster Show 2013 (male 03 and 04)Sad lady

First Coasters of the day and I baked brownies!

the coaster show was today!
The wall by the end of the day

Ben Hutcho sticking up more coasters

The crowd...packed house again!

Rob Macfarlane
David and Ben  
Sad lady (coaster I did today)

Worried Lady (coaster I did today)

MALE FOR THE DAY 01 and inspired by Ben Hutcho

Blase lady  (coaster I did today)

Neutral and surprise lady Sad lady (coasters I did today)

Angry and Cynical ladies Sad lady (coasters I did today)

Happy lady (coaster I did today)
Cheeky lady (coaster I did today)

My very first coaster for the day and my warm up
MALE 02 and based on Ive
The Squishface Coaster show was today and I spent most of the day baking, drawing and eating terrible food.  It was a really fun day and I did quite a lot of coasters today.  I am feeling a bit drawn out but it was a really good drawing day. All pieces from me are done with Mepx Markers.

Tomorrow I want to work on sketching and inking my third piece for the Venus Rising exhibition. 


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