Male 12 and Mepxy Movember entry

Finished piece with Mepxy markers
Work in progress shot 

Hello again!  I know, double post.  I couldn't post yesterday as I was away and this is to make up for it.  If people are counting, you should know am about 5 males off.  I should be at Male 17 today but am not.  I need to catch up soon before the month ends.  This week is going to be very busy getting a job after working hours done though.  Hoping I can draw stuff up before gym or during lunch break or something.

This is also another entry to the Mepxy Movember competition.  Check them out!

Hiked up today with Rob at Mt Piper.  Was amazing and the views were gorgeous.  That said, we cam across a poisonous snake on our way back.  Rob spotted it.  We're fine but it is a reminder that nature is very unpredictable and things like that should be expected.  I am happy that we made it down in one piece.


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