52 Week Illustration Challenge, Week 06: Magic

Oops!  I forgot to post this!  We're actually on Week 07 this week which I will have to post tomorrow.  This was my entry to the 52 week illustration challenge last week.  I've been doing a lot of drawing that it's all becoming a blur.  I am keeping up with the illustration challenge though!  I even joined a facebook group that is dedicated to just drawing faces.  I have so much of a backlog of that, am just submitting all the ones I've done that am pretty happy with.

Today, I submitted the last few roughs of my second out of four chapters for the book am working on.  I am hoping to get through the planning for the third chapter tomorrow and hopefully get the roughs of those approved too.  I also need to spend some time colouring in the book.  So much to do!  I've been pretty much chained to the house.  I also started and finished a piece I want to submit to an exhibition...I hope I get in!  Madness all around.  So much madness.


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