NAB commercial

NAB commercial
Hi!  The commercial job I was working on at 21-19 in conjunction with the Jacky Winter Group got released a few days ago.  I did all the character animation in the commercial (characters, sun, butterflies).  I didn't do anything in regards to the text or the movement of the text though.  It was a really good job to work on and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  The pencil line texture was really tedious as it's all animating on a three frame loop and I had to put the texture in manually.  The filters in After Effects didn't work, unfortunately.  Still, it was all worth it in the end.  Yay!  This isn't my first commercial but this was the first time I was the sole animator instead of doing scenes here and there.  Was pretty great to get full control of the characters.

Anyway, please have a watch!

Oh, and I have more or less recovered from my stabby tummy ache.  It doesn't hurt when I move anymore, so that's put me in a better mood.  The big book job has also landed today too and I have a lot on my plate for the whole of February now.  No rest for the busy!


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