Urban Sketch: Old Treasury (unfinished still)

Hi! I always colour on site but I wasn't able to this time for this building and I was hoping to colour it this week but I just haven't had the time.  I've been so busy with freelance and full-time work.  Been a bit on the mental side.  Now, I wasn't able to finish this one, simply because it really was starting to get way too cold and dark and I was drawing on the sidewalk, right next to the road and colouring on a sidewalk next to a busy road, really isn't ideal (that said, I have done it before).  This one posed a lot of problems for me and I made quite a few mistakes (you can actually see it if you compare the drawing to the building in the photo) and stairs...drawing that without any support was mental! 

Anyway, am looking forward to Urban Sketching once again this Saturday.  Am hoping that if the weather isn't kind, I can find shelter and still have a good view of an interesting building.


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