3D World: rendering part 04

I want a render farm.  A render farm is essentially a whole bunch of computers at your disposal so you can render.  Render, render, render!  This is pretty much how anything 3D is made.  This is me taking over majority of the machines in class today.  Lucky no one else was rendering at the first half of class so I got a huge chunk of wire frame renders done before class ended.  I left 3 computers overnight running to finish off the rest.  I am hoping nothing goes wrong and that the shots are all ready to be picked up tomorrow morning when I arrive.

I am exhausted.  I was waking up almost every hour last night to check on my coloured renders.  Technically, I only had to get up twice but I was stressing out so bad that I was automatically waking up every hour.  I hate rendering.  I hate this part of the process because there really isn't anything you can do but wait.

The good news is that all 2200 frames of my coloured renders are done and ready to compile tomorrow in class.  Rendering with two computers from home took me 4 days.  4 rather exhausting and painful days. 


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