Dukes of Broxstonia plane prop

Howdy!  So I am finished designing for Dukes of Broxstonia.  Was a lot of fun and I hear that the series is getting nominated for quite a few awards which is pretty darn cool!

Anyhoo, I still don't have time to draw anything which is a bit of a pain.  I have a lot on at the moment (so what else is new?).  Bit of freelance has come my way, hoping that'll help cover some new equipment I need and to take a short course on z brush later.  Amazing modelling tool that one.  That said, I think I'm done with school.....for a little while.  Looking forward to just full-time freelancing again.  I juggle my time a bit better that way.

I need to take a vacation....but the downside of providing for yourself is that there's no one else to cover bills and whatnot if I don't do it since I'm not getting any financial support any where else.  Freelancing is still the bomb though!  What other job can I enjoy a sunny afternoon and then work till the cows come home?


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