Urban Sketching: Intercontinental Hotel

Here I am sketching with the group

Black and White


Here I am with the Melbourne Urban Sketcher group!  I really enjoy sketching at different locations on Saturdays.  I get to see different areas of Melbourne, I get to draw and the company is lovely!  I've been having a great time and this isn't something I draw a lot of at all but I've been most inspired by it.  The pic above is the Intercontinental Hotel on Collins Street.  I don't have a brick red.  Everything I have is either too bright or too dark.  I also don't have all my pens with me when I draw, I kinda guess which colours I may need.  So the results are cool but not always accurate.  I don;t use any pencils either.  Straight pen. It forces me not to be too precious and to try to get it right the first time.  More or less.  Or fudge it.  Either one.


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