Overindulged Holiday Bunny

Hello all!  Hope your Christmas was awesome!  I may have overindulged in the last few days...alcohol, ice cream, chocolates, french toast, eggnog, chocolate cake,  roast dinners, fried food,  pringles...just to name a few of the foods I don't eat as much anymore.  My trainer said to watch what I eat when the holidays started......so...um...oops (?).  Hard not to go overboard during the holidays.  Am back to a tough regime when the New Year starts!

I had a great time over the last few days though!  My sister saw me working on my laptop on Christmas day (yes, I am a workaholic by nature) so she put on the Black Butler anime on to distract me and I ended up watching the entire season of 24 episodes in one sitting.  Terrible but also utterly relaxing....if I wasn't so frustrated by the fact that the anime was nowhere near the quality of the manga (manga is pure awesome whereas anime was rubbish). 

I do need to get some work done over the holidays unfortunately as some of the work needs to be done before my clients get back from holidays.  No rest for the freelancers!  I also need to prepare for another exhibition totally different from the Fishbones.  More detail on that later.

If you are in Australia, enjoy the Boxing Day Sales!!!  Don't lose a limb!


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