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Hi!  One of the jobs I am still working on ( everyone knows I like to keep busy ), is a logo design for Cameron Zayec.  I met him at the Entertainment Biz Expo and pretty much took the job then.  He gave me a rough on the day on the design he wanted explored.  I sent him 8 roughs and from that he took elements from the last two roughs and sent me a sketch of what he had in mind and I cleaned it up today and came up with a few other design options based on the rough he sent.

I did some Christmas Shopping today.  My goodness, it's like a battlefield out there.  I'm not done with my shopping yet and I feel that if I head out there again am going to need some heavy artillery.

I am looking forward to the Christmas Break.  That's two weeks of me to schedule going to the dentist, a check up with a doctor, doing my taxes and seeing my accountant ( if you have an accountant, you have till May to do your taxes), finishing off any freelance work stragglers, fixing up my house and culling more items to take to charity, testing out some new painting techniques....oh and I am socializing a lot as well and visiting the things will be rather busy indeed.  I do intend to sleep and relax a bit though, so that's something...right?


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