Animal Study: Chipmunk

This is a chipmunk.  So cute!!!  Based this drawing on an image I saw on Google.  One of these days, I will use a pencil and spend more time with these animal studies.  Just don't have a chance at the moment with everyone wanting their projects more or less done this week.  It's definitely been a challenge that's for sure.  I spent most of the day today on one job that needed the most work.  I made good headway but I would like to do more before Friday.

I am looking forward to some downtime after all this freelancing is done!  Well...maybe....I need to make some new art pieces asap and I am now thinking of just selling originals.  With an A3 scanner, I will make sure to have copies for my portfolio but I would like to start selling off the originals.  The drawings I have at home is accumulating quite a bit and maybe it's time to start finding homes for them.  Besides, a drawing has more value if it's just a one off.


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