Animation Job: WIP for conference animation

Hi!  No time to draw today as am working on other freelance work after work.  Here's a screen grab of it.  Unfortunately, no one else but the company will see the finish product as this is one of the jobs I cannot show in my portfolio due to privacy issues.  Am really not sure why but this is the case nonetheless.

A lot of folks want stuff done before Christmas and am doing my best to get everything on my plate done.  I am unfortunately still recovering from when I was sick last week.  Am at the tail end of it but not totally out of the woods yet.  It's getting difficult juggling everything since social events have started cropping up too and I still need to do my Christmas shopping!  I am pretty much spending money as much as I am making it!  Purchasing an A3 printer and scanner today and setting that up over the weekend.  Hopefully this reduces print costs for next year.


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