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"The Hyena"

.....she has a laugh than can cause head explosions. I always find it surprising which illustrations I have done that seem popular versus some of the ones that dont garner much attention. :)

"Fox tantrum"

A nice simple one today. All hand drawn with fine liners and then tossed into Photoshop . This is my 25 th illustration. I have 5 more to go! Oh my goodness.... Japanese class tonight and kick boxing training the next few days and work. Wheeeeee ! Am tired.

"The Vandenflirten Express"

Hello! Based on a couple of friends :) A bit on the surreal side. All done in Flash....I draw a lot faster when am in Flash. It's been difficult drawing this week with so much going on. 6 more to go though and I will make it!!!


Who is behind that wall......who is the victim? We can only guess .... All done in Flash. :D 7 more illustrations to go!

"Carrot Misery"

So am sick at the moment but recovering which is good. Obviously a very quick sketch from me today depicting my carrot misery. I had a carrot casserole yesterday and it would seem that it didn't agree with me and I spent most of the night being miserable. Anyhoo, illustration number 22. Not my best :P

"Come hither"

Sometimes...I just want to draw something normal and pretty. This actually wasn't the illustration I was working on today but I quickly realized that I was going to need more time with the other illustration so I whipped this one up quickly instead. All done in Flash. I have 9 more illustrations to go!! So close to completing the illustrate every day for a month goal!


Sketched this all up and used Copic Pens to shade this character, then scanned into photoshop for a touch up. I love Copic pens. This is illustration number 21! So close to achieving the goal of one illustration a day for a month! 10 more to go after this!


His name is Squidgy and he demands that you love him. Thought I'd go and draw something monstrous today. All hand drawn and inked then scanned into Photoshop for some re-touching. Feeling a little dead from freelancing today. Trying to get a lot done so I can enjoy the weekend without guilt. :)

IF: Detective

"Jones wasn't quite sure what he was tracking...but he knew that it was small and petite with rather heavy steps....." This is my piece for Illustration friday . This week's theme is Detective and this is my take on it. Pretty traditional with the whole magnifying glass. I just found it funny how the detective is following something with extremely small footsteps and will later discover that the small feet belonged to a humongous monster. Drawn up in Flash and added a bit of texture using Photoshop . I like the old 1950s colouring. I find it funny how some works are more popular than others and not the ones I expect. Much has been done today, been freelancing on a kids animation series and did some chores and soon I will be off to Japanese and ultimately more work to do tonight after that!

"Pidgeon Princess"

I just draw whatever comes to my head. I don't really know how the images are popping up but I just get a hankering to draw something and I go and do it. Sometimes the image in my head doesn't match what is produced but a lot of the times these last few days I have been pretty happy with how things have turned out regardless of what I first thought up. This character was originally a boy but looked better as a girl. I sketched this while waiting for a friend and it's all hand inked, scanned it in and did some Photoshop love to it. 18 th illustration! Oh my goodness...I may make it to 20! I have work to do, Japanese to study and Muay Thai. I had to skip Life Drawing today, just had too much on. It's unfortunate but sometimes these things can't be helped.

"Rabbit Ears"

A nice simple one today. Kind of inspired by the simplicity of the Emily Strange clothing designs. All done in Flash. I wish I could get a rabbit hat with ears as long as this. It would be so cool! It can also double up as a scarf! Today was pretty tiring. Got work done and came back from Muay Thai and worked on this. Need to pick up work for my main freelance gig tomorrow. It will be interesting juggling intensive animation work with my illustrating (less than 2 weeks to go before I make it to my one month goal) and classes.

"Strawberry Lady"

This drawing is inspired by a friend of mine and her love of strawberries. All drawn up and finished off in Flash. This is my 16 th day...illustrating! Over two weeks and I am very happy. Much to do as always, I have Japanese class to go to tonight and I need to study and cook beforehand!

"Squid Hat"

I am tired today. Can you tell? I went bouldering this morning and my foot was still hurting from Muay Thai yesterday. I am glad to be active though and it's nice to be away from the computer doing physical activities. Anyhooo......this is my offering for today. All hand drawn and inked, then a bit of post done in photoshop. Felt like doing an anime styled drawing today. I did the sketch right before bouldering. On another note, also watched "Clash of the Titans" today. I wouldn't recommend it.

"See, Speak, Hear No Evil"

I have always been fascinated by the See, Speak and Hear no evil monkeys so I did my own version using women instead. All done in Photoshop . I like playing around with the filter settings and I get nice surprises more often than not. I am all bruised from Muay Thai was a bit brutal. I am having a lot of fun though! It's been good juggling work and all the extracurricular activities.

Doll05: Forgotten

Hi there! Because I have been illustrating everyday, I have become very active on my Red Bubble illustration folio and was reminded of my "Doll series" which I did a few years ago and decided to add another one to it. The other titles in this series are: Doll Doll02 Doll03:Discarded Doll04: Anyone out there? The colours are a lot more subdued in Doll 05, compared to the other 4. Hand drawn and then scanned into Photoshop. All original illustrations I do in this blog I also put up on Red Bubble .


A lil Art Deco vibe, anyone? All done in Photoshop . Probably would have been better in a vector program but I changed my mind half-way through colouring and I like how this turned out. This is my 12th illustration in a row...feeling pretty good but it's getting harder and harder to find the time...

Life Drawing Week 08

This was last night's endeavours, still a lot to improve on with proportions and all and drawing straight with a pen, but getting there.

"Feel the Music!"

Howdy 10 minutes before midnight: Ta da ! Welcome back to the 90's! Character is probably listening to "pump up the jam" or some other 90's hit. I am still working on drawing better hands.Hand drawn and inked then scanned into photoshop and coloured. Drawn right before Life Drawing class. Things are getting busier. I am juggling freelance work, Muay Thai, Japanese lessons , life drawing and socializing but I am having a lot of fun. It's good to be alive!

"Fishy Penny"

Why is there a fish dressed as a Geisha on a penny farthing bicycle? Guess we'll never know. So...this my illustration for today, I felt like being silly and I am tired from Muay Thai. Someone today, asked me; why am I illustrating everyday? I answered...because I am a masochist and I need to force myself into this or I will simply never have time to draw because there is always something else to do.

IF: Link

Hi there! This week's drawing for Illustration Friday . The theme is "Link". Thought I'd illustrate a mental and emotional connection between two people. Was going to go for physical attraction as well....but decided that it wont work in this piece. Hand drawn and colour penciled then scanned into Photoshop for some colour adjustments.


Hello This started off as a doodle and I built it up from there. Hand drawn and inked then coloured and post done in Photoshop. Playing around with solid shades and I felt like doing swirls today.

"Thought Balloons"

hi, Illustration for today! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! I did this all in flash. Based it on a pose that I drew from Life Drawing classes. Now off to bed cause my brain has floated away.


Hello, hello Today's illustration! I decided to add in a few of the steps I took on the way to the final image. This was sketched and the cleaned up on Pastel Paper (using a light box to trace!). Afterwards I coloured everything using colour pencils and then scanned into Photoshop where I did the final touches. Am still trying to figure out my scanner, the colour pencil scan kept coming up too light. I was so pre -occupied drawing that I missed Muay Thai class today. Boooooo ! Still am happy how this piece turned out.

"Black Jack"

Howdy! I have a busy day today and keeping with my goal to create one illustration a day for a month, I had to finish it this evening. This is hand drawn and inked then scanned and coloured in Photoshop . This was a good drawing to do. Am currently testing and trying out different drawing styles and looks and colouring methods. Just for fun! Originally she was holding a cigarette and blowing smoke but somehow along the way she ended up holding cards and in her underwear..... Much to do today. I have Japanese class and Muay thai training and finishing up some work. I am also on a quest to find more gigs soon. Possibly to fund my art supply shopping and art books. I love art books!

Life Drawing Week 07

I have discovered the joys of using Copic Pens. I love them!!! Can get great shades and rendering and are immensely fun to use! I believe I will purchase a whole gamut of colours come next paycheck! The model was rather good today (yesterday now) too. I wish they would get more guys in at class though. Would be good drawing practice.

IF: Dip

"Bob suspected that something wasn't right at breakfast this morning......." This is my first submission to Illustration Friday . Basically there is a topic given every week and the topic for this week is "Dip". I had a lot of fun drawing this image. The piece was executed in Flash.

"Ace of Spades"

Howdy! My new illustration for today! I am enjoying testing out new colour schemes and styles. Originally named "Smoker", I have renamed it to "Ace of Spades" Hand drawn and inked then coloured and cleaned up in Photoshop. I am trying to create an illustration a day and I want to see how long I can keep it up before work and life in general takes up my time. Now to spend the rest of the day animating...wheeeeeeeeee!


Hi there Am on a bit of a roll so here's my second illustration up for the day (well it's past midnight so I guess that's two days). I named this one "Glut". Done in Flash and Photoshop.


Hello Just felt like working on my own illustration today. I entitled this one "Snob". Done in Flash and Photoshop. It feels good to just illustrate for fun.