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Owl for Inktober!  Too bad I didn;t get to do all 31 days but paid work always comes first over personal stuff.  That may change when I get older but I enjoy the work I do.  Short one tonight.  Got things to do!

Inktober sketch

An inktober sketch I did today while waiting for a new prospective client at a cafe (where I just discovered tonight I left some of my!  Better get some replacements tomorrow).   I have been way too busy this month with back to back jobs to do much to keep at it'  Which is a pity.  Hopefully I get to do the whole month next year without stopping. Client stuff I thought it went really well today..but hey, you never know unless they call back with a gig, right?  Still, I hope to get the opportunity to work with this company some time.  For other news, freelancing and training and urban sketching all this weekend!  I know...this is getting repetitive ...but I have tons to do!

Cropped cover for e-book

Hi!  Anither page from my last e-book job.  This was actually the front cover but I wasn't sure if I was allowed to include the template so I just cropped it for now.  Some more things are in the works and I'll say more when I know more.  For other news...the Urban Exhibition is next week!  I picked up more work a few days ago, just after finishing a whole lot of other gigs.  It's really good though!  It makes me feel confident that I will be just fine when my contract at Studio Moshi ends.  That said, am saving up just incase it isn't!

Mutant TV Episode LINK!

Hi!  So I was one of the animators for Mutants, a job I did at Studio Moshi on top of "The Day my Butt went Psycho".  This was a lot of fun to work on.  Do watch all the episodes!  So far, I've worked on ep 03 and 04! LINK:

Urban Sketching in Borroondara...opening on November 08

Hello boys and girls!  Am in another exhibition with Urban Sketches!  Wheee!  These where all drawn in the Borrondara area.  The exhibition is on November 08, Saturday 2-4pm at the Town Hall Gallery 360 Burwood Road Hawthorn.  If you're in the area, come to the opening and check out the art! I am not fond of framing in all honesty and I had a friend help me out.  Lucky!!!

E-book job.. a step by step look

Final Black and white Rough Hi!  Just submitted anothe re-book illustration gig today and this is how the illustration looks step by step.  Well, more or less.  First I send a rough to the client, once that is approved I draw it traditionally and then scan and colour in Photoshop.  Good fun!  Submitted all the pages today so hopefully the client likes it!

Urban Sketching: Melbourne University

University House Old Arts Building \   Botany Building photo by Ilze relaxing on the Botany Building Lawn Photo by Ilze Photo by Kym S.  Me drawing the Old Arts Building Group shot! Photo by Kym S. I had a good run of sketches today!  I like everything I drew, which is pretty rare when I sketch up multiple pieces.  Melbourne University has so many buildings that are great to draw!  I would love to go back.  There was a building I spotted that I didn't get to draw today.  I started drawing at about 9:30 am and didn't really stop till about 4pm.  It was a great day.  Caught up with a lot of Melbourne sketcher friends and it was nice to just enjoy the sun and to relax a bit and to draw stuff that I want to draw, rather than what I am hired to draw.  It re-energizes me creatively.  Hanging out with creative people is very energizing too! Tomorrow is all about work though!  Got to get my e-book done!

Work in progress: thieves e-book

Working on another e-book on the side.  Haven't had enough time over the last couple of weeks so making up ground now.  Hoping to get all the pages coloured and ready to submit by Monday too!  Too much stuff on.  Kind of realizing that I actually don't really have time for anyone or anything unless I choose to make time for them in the expense of something else.  All good, means if anything falls through, it really doesn't matter.  I have something else that will take it's place.

Tree nymph

Here's the last one I did over the weekend.  Been a rather busy last few days so I haven't been able to draw anything new that I can actually show.  Very sad.  Looking forward to Urban Sketching this Saturday!

Foxxy Lady

Another piece I did on the weekend!  A lot of fun and am thinking of making shirts as well as selling the original at an exhibition.  We shall see.  Was a lot of fun to do though.  Brushpen and ballpoint pen.

Rabbit Float

Howdy!  I drew this piece at my parents over the weekend.  Didn;t turn out the way I wanted but it's nice to experiment and has given me ideas for another series.  It's been a really busy day and I did chores and some freelance at home.  Time to do some Japanese homework now!

old face drawing

An old drawing I did ages ago!  No time to draw anything new today...rather busy!


Here are some chocolates I drew a few weeks ago.  Things have been really flat out.  I plan to rest tomorrow night and on the weekend and just draw my own fun stuff and to sleep!  I definitely plan to sleep this weekend.  I haven't had much rest at all for a while.  Been so much to do and it starts all over again next week.  Ah well.  Better to be busy I think than bored!

Double Exhibitions!

Am in these two exhibitions on the same week!  Captain Palette will be on Nov 06 ( haven't decided what am exhibiting yet) and Urban Sketching Boroondara is on November 08!  Busy, busy, busy and very excited!

An illustration from one of my e-book gigs

Hi!  This is from one of my previous e-book illustrations, am on another book already and hoping that I can get that done this week which would be ideal.  I have been flat out working on another illustration projects (the Koala and Panda) and I unfortunately cannot show what I've done thus yet.  I have been extremely busy to say the least.  The animation freelance gig that I've been working on after hours has all bee approved and invoiced for.  I am very pleased with that.  Now, to finish off the current episode am working on at Studio Moshi and move on to my current e-book job...after some sleep.  Am pretty tired.  Today's schedule has been nuts: Gym in the morning, full-time work, Japanese class for 2 hours and then freelancing. 

Made Cafe

Made Cafe on  60 Pin Oak Crescent Flemington.  They make the best banana bread, I've had in a cafe so far, and it is served with some lovely coffee butter.  It goes very well with the coffee which is great too.  The staff is awesome and I do enjoy the music they play.  I was singing along to most of the tracks while drawing. Guys should ry this place!  Did I mention the banana bread? Am having a lot of fun drawing cafe interiors.  There are so many amazing and lovely cafes in Melbourne that there is simply no shortage of good food and places to go.

Giraffe Cafe

Giraffe Cafe I was at Giraffe Cafe on Little Lonsdale Street yesterday with my friend and it was fun sketching.  They have a fake tree full of decoration and notes in the centre of the cafe. It was fun to draw but I think I want to return and draw this at an other angle and fully colour it.  It's a really nice cafe and very easy to draw and sketch in.  They also have a tiramisu which is very very nice.

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle at the Treasury Garden

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 2014 Black and white Coloured   Evelyn our pieces. Today was the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle.  I dressed up for this once before and it was a lot of fun but this year, I decided to urban sketch it!  I told some of the sketchers about the shuffle last night and Evelyn decided to join me.  We had a lovely time people watching  zombies, spectators and photographers as we drew.  Good fun and I decided to go for a different look when colouring today.  I have the same sketchbook Evelyn has but I do find it very cumbersome to take out with me.  Perhaps when I plan to be in one spot for most of the day, and can concentrate on just Urban sketching, it will be the sketchbook I pack.

Some designs on a Friday

Was working on these today while at the studio and out and about with the irban sketchers.  Every now and then, I don't get into the zone for all the projects am working on simulatneously.  It does happen unfortunately where I need a bit of a break and whatnot..  I will take most of the day off tomorrow but I will need to work again from the afternoon....

film character drafts

Some character designs I did a few days ago, this one is for a personal film project am doing with a friend.  More on that when it get's more concrete.  Been quite tired today...thinking about too much things and juggling more than what should be possible.  Enjoying the work though which is always a good thing.  A little worn out though and just feeling a tad run down.  Looking forward to sleeping in on the weekend.

character concepts

Character concept art that I squeezed in between jobs today.  Did I already mention that I have lots to do?  It's great fun doing character concepts because I can put down whatever design comes to my head based on the brief and character descriptions.  I really enjoy it and it would be great to do more jobs like this. Saw a friend I haven't seen in a while today and it was good.  Funny how some things change and yet so much stays the same even after some time has gone by.

Inktober 05 (last one for this week at least)

Hey!  Inktober piece done with a brush dipped in Schminke blue ink.  Last Inktober for now.  I am seriously under the pump this week and have to dropped drawing anything for me until I get a couple of gigs done.  I also have to pay my quarterly tax and it is a doozy.  I don't like it at all.  Anyway, I have to sleep now.  I am not just burning the candle at both ends, there isn't even a candle anymore.  Just a puddle of wax and it's on fire. For other news, I start Beginner 04 Japanese next week.  You know...cos I have so much time on my hands.

Studley Park Boathouse...2.0!

Studley Park Boathouse Black and white coloured on the spot  Hi!  Drew this with the Melbourne Urban Sketchers last Saturday.  It was such a beautiful and sunny day.  Not like the first time we came here.  It was raining..I was pretty cold and miserable but the second time around was great!  I am also pleased with this sketch.  I wasn't happy at all with my first one .    Urban Sketching with a group is always a lot of fun! Jay Parappil ( who is a great artist) also took some shots with me in it!  Drawing on the spot.  It would seem that I do clench my jaw while am concentrating....better watch that... Chatting on the phone to my parenst, they were picking me up Group shot! Drawing in action!  I beat Jay to the spot ;)

#Inktober Day 03

Inktober piece!  Done with fineliners, kuretake brushpen and painted with acrylic schminke ink.  Juggling so much stuff!!!  So much stuff!!!  I need to get a bit of animation done this weekend and the battery of my laptop doesn;t work anymore!  The laptop itself works but only functions when plugged in.  I need a new battery.  Very sad bunny.