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Long time

Howdy...long time no chat! Lots of things have been happening.  I have drawn quite a few new drawings but this was the last drawing I did that I was happy with.  Late Merry Christmas to everyone and a Happy new Year to you all in advance!  I've been busy with work and moving house and unpacking.  It's been a bit insane in all honesty.  The heat doesn't help either.  Anyway, am all set-up at the new place and am enjoying myself here. My goals are vague for next year.  I would like to spend 2016 honing my artistic skills mostly....and reading all my books carefully.

Game 19 Round 01

Hallo!  So Astri and I are doing the 12 days of Christmas for this game! We will be going up to 12 rounds this time.  I got round 01 and so illustrated the first line: "on the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me...a partridge in a Pear tree! Only a few more days to go....I need some rest.  Think I will spend most of Christmas sleeping.

Game 18 Round 10

Images are going to get progressively simple over the next few days I think as we head into Christmas!  Not a whole lot of choices since am rushing through the drawings now.  It irritates me.  I just want to sit down and draw something am happy with....and get everything done.

Game 18 Round 08

Hallo!  I've been rather sporadic with my posts.  That's what moving, packing, buying Christmas Gifts, working and training does.  I have the occasional socializing too...but alas, I have missed out on a lot of events.  Something had to to give.  Not enough time in the day.  I say it a lot and it's true.  It frustrates me, along with being tired and needing to sleep. 'Tis the season to be Jolly though!

Game 18 Round 06

Hi!  It's been a while since I last blogged!  Oops!  I've been rather busy with the move, work and general culling of stuff and Christmas shopping!  All so very mental!  I need to write down a to-do list so I don't forget anything next week.  Next week is going to be quite crazy with work wrapping up for the year, cleaning the house, last of the Christmas shopping, Kookyrabbit, hopefully do my much stuff to do!  I need to work this Christmas for an illustration gig too!

Game 17 Round 04

Hi!  Spent most of the weekend packing, Christmas Shopping (not even done yet) and relaxing a bit by watching Hunger Games at night.  We've watched it all except the conclusion now.  Good movie...though lacking character development in some aspects.  Don't worry, there will be no spoilers. I totally forgot to give the boy character pointy ears, when he's suppose to be an elf.  Am rushing the images for Kookyrabbit .  Just inking it  and coloring in Photoshop.  Fastest thing to do at the moment.

Game 18 Round 02

Hi!  It was my turn to draw for Kookyrabbit today.  Didn't have any time to do it after work since I was packing so I worked on it during lunch time at the studio.  Yay!  Got it done, did rather well on my footage and have some roughs sorted to clean up tomorrow.  I have some hard shots for this week and it will take me some time to do.'s a bit nuts moving, working, socializing and trying not to freak out about the changes coming.  2016 is looking like a year of change, adjustments and hopefully big awesome things!


Hi!  I doodled this, this morning while waiting for my laptop to do all the updates at work.  I really need to sort out how to make it stop doing that.  Anyway, feeling a tad frantic with all the moving and needing to keep up with work and prior commitments.  Going a bit mad I say.  MAD!  The crazy mad and not the furious mad...just so we're clear.

Pics from IA and Artboy exhibition

Hallo, hallo!  Some photos from the last two exhibitions I was a part of.  I find it good fun to enter and go to openings and hang out with other artists.  I like trying out different techniques when I enter.  The last two pieces I entered are acrylic pieces.  They're still for sale if anyone is interested!  I have another exhibition this Sunday too but I entered an old piece for that one. Back to more packing am afraid.  Not much time left at all.