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Illustration Station Week 03: Sky

Hi! Hi!   The picture above was done with copics and then edited in Photoshop.  I've been participating in a weekly drawing challenge    Last day of the month.  January just flew by for me.  I've been working as a designer at my current studio and I've been enjoying it.  It's pretty relaxing, compared to last year, but still really busy which I like. Not much else has been happening this month.  I've been walking to work in the mornings when I make it to the city, saw my friends a couple of times this month, been keeping track of my expenses with an app and gardening!  Oops!  I should put up photos of those in another post. I am trying to be a bit more healthy and more active and get massages done again.  I've been neglecting that.

Some journal entries!

Hi, hi!  How are things going?  Thought I would touch base.  My first week and a bit at work has been quite full on.  Lots of work to do for now.....will see how that goes.  Rob and I went to Sushi Jiro at the QV last weekend for some delicious sushi train.  We love sushi train.  I especially wanted to draw the scampi nigiri and the spicy salmon nigiri. I also drew my fatty boombah kitty, Hanzo.  He is on a diet...but it's going to take time to lose weight, so he's still fat.  I need to lose weight too.  I really need to lessen my sugar and certainly exercise more.  Working on some test animations tomorrow.  Should be good fun!

First week back!

Hallo, hallo! How goes it?  It was my first day back at work yesterday.  It's been good and busy but things are still unsure.  See how things go, that's all I can do!  Am testing rigs right now and will probably move onto design soon. One of the drawings I did last week.  Good fun practicing with copics again.  It has been a while.  I am currently just doing outfit drawings mostly, as that's what inspires me right now.  Though I think I may try my hand on another seahorse soon or some birds.  I do love birds, has to wait till the weekend though.  I tend to get back too late from work for much else. 

Copic Light 01

Sooo...I decided to try and draw every day as a challenge.  No particular theme, just draw anything that takes my fancy. Today, I saw on Facebook that Copic Marker Australia had a drawing challenge to use light yellows and greens in the piece so I thought I'd draw up one!  I think I may do a few more though, just for fun! A chilled out day today.  Did a little bit more on my website, sketching and thinking of other things to draw.  I go back to work on Monday.  Should be good to finish off and start new projects but I feel like two weeks is too short for a break...I feel like I barely got anything done.

A new beginning in 2019!

Wow.  Where did 2018 go? It went by so quick.  I had a big year at Studio Moshi as one of the Animation Team Leads for Space Chickens. I had a team between 11-14 for the production where I assigned, checked shots and fixed errors.  It was a great experience and I ended up getting quite attached to my team before long.  There were rough moments but we pulled through as a team and I am very proud of the episodes we produced.  The two pieces above are a couple of my favorite ones for the year.  I also started drawing my outfits illustrations again and am hoping to create a self-published book using those....I will still show a few sporadically but I need to keep quite a few of them under wraps now!  I just finished drawing number 54 today.  Myself and Rob have had a rather rough December.  With needing a new car and a death in the family.  It's been a rather expensive and emotional month.  The year in general has been good though.  Great career-wise, Rob and I spent the