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A new business venture coming soon....

Hi! Hi! It's been a while, I know!  As always, I've been busy.  I've been drawing quite a few things that I can't show until March and I've started making hand painted wooden pins on the side.  A few friends and I were thinking of selling stuff together at craft markets and such.  It's still not a sure thing but I've been enjoying creating wearable art.  It's all for sale, just send me an email at to discuss.  I'll make a shop eventually but I'm just casually selling them at the moment. Here are two that sold already! My friend Amanda was lovely enough to buy the second pin I made! Looks pretty cute, if I do say so myself! A designer at work was lovely enough to buy this green number from me. Here are some of my work in progress shots: And all the pins I made so far! I gotta thank my partner Rob though!  He's the one that cut the shape using a band saw and I did the sandi