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Happy Easter 2021! Fuzzy Pudgies, Beechworth and general stuff.

  HAPPY EASTER!!!!  Hope you all ha d a lovely break, whether you celebrate it or not.  These are my Easter cats for Fuzzy Pudgies!  I think they look pretty cute! Here are some of the sketches I did prior to painting.  I worked on them during breakfast and before going into my current studio.  I've been working on a commercial for the last week, but I arrived really early.  I have a key now, so I can go into the studio and work but beforehand, i sat in a cafe and worked on Fuzzy Pudgies. This was at  Bakemono Bakery .  Their baked goods are delicious, especially the Yuzu croissant.  The one in the picture is a garlic bread that is one of their best sellers.  It was all right.....I think the combination of sweet and garlic was a bit too odd for my tastes.  I look forward to trying their "shokupan" though.  That said, no days off to the city for me for all of April, not until my current studio job is finished so I won't be able to go back to this particular bakery for